Late Night Thoughts & Updates

So I visited my favorite spot last night when I got to my block, & decided to just sit down in silence & think.

Like really really think.

What I got from everything that I soaked in was, I’m not the problem. I’ve been focusing on my work, my money saving, my talent, & I’ve been busting my ass doing these things.

It’s not my fault people are blind and stuck in their own world to notice that someone is actually trying to change their life.

I’ve been really trying to focus and handle what I need to handle, & it starts here.

Tomorrow is my first day of therapy, I found a place on Westchester Square in the Bronx that accepts my insurance & is willing to take me in & see me.

I’m nervous because this is the first time I focus on my mental health, & how I feel for once ( took this long ) , & doing it alone is very intimidating. I’m okay with speaking about this, you never know who’s reading, & I’m able to inspire by writing about my journey. 
I should be moving this week, I’m just waiting on my boy to give me the word on the ride. 

Well, other than that I’m here home working on a new drawing for fun, 

Here’s the Green Ranger I’m drawing using just copic markers.

Decided not to give it a outline and try a new technique with my art.

For more of my work find me on Instagram 

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