Me Time / Museum Time

If you personally know me, you know I’m hard working.

I legit bust my ass every day to get to it any way I can, so for once, I wanted a few hours to myself just to do some things I don’t normally have the time to do.

On Friday  I showcased some work at an event called Hartlem, which was located on 145th street in Manhattan.

I showcased some old pieces that people never got the chance to see in person from my private collection, & I also showcased Stone Cold Steve Austin, a piece I completed for a client that no one will see in person.

Here are some photos from the night.


I had my kids for this short weekend as well, & had a lot of running around to do on Sunday, so I dropped them off early to get some things taken care of.
After I finished all of my Sunday errands I had a few hours to myself, so I decided to go to the Bronx Museum Of The Arts.

The museum had the works of Martin Wong, an amazing artist from San Francisco who had some wonderful pieces up using oils, & acrylics.  I got some inspiration from his works, as he likes to use dark colors with his more personal pieces, & his usage of bright colors was beyond amazing!
Sorry to spoil his work, but be sure to ciait the museum soon!







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