Sand From Sahara Desert Headed To Florida State

  • A Saharan dust storm seen moving over northwest Africa and the Mediterranean Sea on June 25. (NASA)

    Sunsets in Southern Florida are likely to get a lot more spectacular this week. The surprising reason? Dust clouds from the North African Sahara Desert are rolling into the region. According to the Miami Herald, the phenomenon occurs every year. Dust particles from the Sahara sweep thousands of miles over the globe and into Florida skies. They’re expected to reach the state Thursday or Friday of this week. The dust creates a haze in the sky, typically resulting in colorful sunsets.

    In an interview with the Palm Beach Post, Bob Ebaugh, a weather service specialist at the National Weather Service, said residents shouldn’t be greatly affected by the dust. “It really should not be a hazard to anybody,” Ebaugh told the Post. “This is a phenomenon that occurs just about every summer.”

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