What can I say about you that I haven’t said time and time before?
You were a remarkable, hard working, family orientated, loving, caring, unique man.
I am proud to be a Tirado thanks to you dad, I understand now what went on, it was hard to believe of course but people do things for a reason. You loved your family not one day did you turn your back on us, from Playing Baseball in P.S.59 on Friday , and Saturday.
T watching football on Sunday on that television with the pliers to change the channel.
From going to the Zoo on Wednesday because it was free to just showing us you loved us by play fighting and wrestlig every single day.

Of course there were bad times, and to me everyday since your death has been a bad time, I remember on march 31st 1995 when mommy broke the news to us in grandmas house, I was devistated I felt like I had nothing… Like I had Zero… And since that day I’ve been leaving my mark all over New York City, ZERO I felt I had nothing to lose, and than I had a son of my own so now I feel as if Zero means that’s how many people I put before him, or that’s how many times you let your family down, or that is the number of people I think are better than me. Or just a way I express myself.

Without you dad it’s hard living, but I feel I will be a very good parent, succesful business person, abd world renowned if I keep pushing and I will be as great as you.

We all miss you dad from the aunts to Mommy to Chino, Javier, Jayson, myself and Putty we love you and miss you.
15 long years without you but we promise to make you proud dad….

Love your baby boy
Aka White boy

Joshua Tirado Sr.

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